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Here is my tribute to this brilliant game...

Thanks mate, really appreciate the video and the fact that you got past the little puzzles and discoveries that many people gave up on. There's only 3 or 4 really difficult screens after you get to the snowmen so hopefully you'll get to see a lot more of the game. There's 25 screens in all plus an finish game screen. Here's a map

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I can't get past the beginning of the second screen, everything kills me.

I love your drawings and all your levels, very beautiful designs.

I'm using your game as a sample for an AGD I'm doing for Amiga. I see all the levels, blocks, Objects, Sprites, frames, Messages, Map, sources, for now I get it from the AGD source, which can be extracted with the converter, then I can do it with the game in TAP or SNA.

At least the editor is already functional, I'm going to create a page to put the advances, and start the publications.

Do not worry about your sources, they will not be revealed, I have yet to find out how they do with copyright with so many editors and extractors.

Yes, most people struggle with that puzzle at the start of the second screen. You have to jump from a branch on the right of the tree on the previous screen over to a branch on the second screen. It's not blind jumping as you can see the branch you are supposed to land on, on the 2nd screen. So you can go back to the 1st screen, climb the tree, jump from branch on 1st screen to a branch on the 2nd screen. I hope that makes sense.

thanks, i tried

Cool. Hope you got further into the game.

Your game looks very interesting, I'm going to play it, I'll tell you about it.

Is there a list of games made with AGD?

I think the list would be extremely long. Percy was made with a variant called AGDx and the other games were made with yet another variant called AGDx Mini. I have another game done but still waiting on a loading screen for it and I'm in the middle of creating another one which is a sequel to Road Trippin'. Hopefully will get both those uploaded here before the end of the year.

Very interesting, I don't know the differences, but I have to learn this whole world thoroughly, congratulations on your game. I already saw that you have to create 8 or 10 penguins as lives and space is lost with repeated graphics.

Jonathan Cauldwell is making great improvements in an effort to get it out on many 8-bit computers, I am a personal friend of Pete, who made the AGD port for Color computer and Dragon, I for my part will make an AGD emulator for a friend. I hope that all the games of any version can be ported and even improved, it can also be edited in a friend and download it to spectrum or others, already in window he has taken it, although I prefer a more friendly editor, like the one I am doing

Amazing Manic Miner type of game!

Thanks. My aim was to make a decent Christmas game that was a cross between Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy. It finished up exactly as I'd hoped :)

A very interesting idea and I like the look of the whole game! Unfortunately I couldn't get it ti work on my Mac :( 

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)

Which Spectrum Emulator are you using on your Mac? There's a bunch here -

I'll check out gdwc2019. Thanks for letting me know :)

I think the problem might be my own Mac since it's pretty old. And no problem! The competition is open until September so there's still time to think about it! :)

That's a shame . I hope you find an emulator that works on it so you get chance to play and enjoy the game :)

Yes, thank you! :D

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The first game review of Percy from Brazil.

not spanish ;)

Ooooh, Sorry Andre. Portuguese?

eheh, yep :)