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Lil' Ninja (C) 2023 Joesoft

This game is for the 48k ZX Spectrum. It can run on an actual ZX Spectrum or via a ZX Spectrum emulator such as Fuse, Spectaculator, etc, on whatever platform you are running the emulator on.

  • Genre - Platform Shooter
  • Difficulty - Medium
  • Powered By - AGDx Mini
  • Concept, Code and Graphics by John Davies
  • Fabulous Loading Screen by Clive Townsend
  • Awesome Original artwork by Sebastian Borda

Also many thanks to....

  • Sebastian Braunert
  • Jonathan Cauldwell
  • Allan Turvey

and all my friends in the wonderful retro gaming community who help to inspire me to carry on making these ZX Spectrum games.

The Story

Lil' Ninja has been hired to clean out the demons from several castles in a faraway land which are making everyone feel a bit tired and miserable. Each castle is cleaned out by shooting demons, collecting their souls and extinguishing four spirit flames which appear each time enough demon souls have been captured. Once all twenty castles have been cleaned of demons the land will return back to its former glory and everyone will be happy once again.

How to Play
  • You must navigate each stage and shoot demons as quickly as possible.
  • Demons are the only thing in the game which will directly kill Lil' Ninja.
  • Running out of health (hearts bar) will also kill Lil' Ninja.
  • Once shot demons will release rainbow souls that bounce around the stage.
  • You must collect souls until a flame appears.
  • You must extinguish the flame which will give you brief immunity and full health.
  • When you extinguish 4 flames you get an extra Ninja and move to the next stage.
  • At the end of all twenty stages you will receive a Ninjas remaining bonus.


  • Q or Joystick Fire = JUMP
  • A or Joystick Down = THROW NINJA STAR
  • O or Joystick Left = RUN LEFT
  • P or Joystick Right = RUN RIGHT


  • Top Right - Lil' Ninjas Remaining
  • Top Middle - Current Score
  • Top Right - Flames Extinguished
  • Bottom - Current Stage Name and Number

Power Ups

  • Pound Sign - Adds to Score
  • Heart - Health Refill
  • 'I' - Invulnerable Temporarily
  • 'F' - Freeze Demons Temporarily
  • 'B' - Bomb. Turns all Demons on screen into Rainbow Souls
  • 'X' - Extra Lil' Ninja
  • Square - Teleport to the next Stage immediately


  • Shooting a Demon - 1 x Stage Number Points
  • Collecting a Soul - 1 x Stage Number Points
  • Collecting a Power Up - 10 Points
  • Extinguishing a Flame - 100 Points
  • Next Stage - 500 Points + Extra Lil' Ninja
  • Game Complettion Bonus - 1000 x Lil' Ninjas Remaining Points
  • Use the times when Lil Ninja is invulnerable to your advantage
  • Collect power ups as often as you can, especially Extra Ninjas
  • The only things that are fatal are demons, everything else is safe
  • Be careful near the top platforms of a stage as Demons respawn from above
  • Demons rise and drop through platforms in the same places on each stage
  • Share your time 50/50 on shooting demons and collecting their souls
  • Keep an eye on your hearts bar. Collecting a heart or a flame will refill it
  • After collecting a flame or dying you are invulnerable temporarily

Good Luck and happy Ninjaring !!!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreAction, Platformer, Shooter
Tags8-Bit, Arcade, Homebrew, jumping, Retro, shooting, ZX Spectrum


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Great game, and happy to help by playing so badly that I ran into that bug LOL

Here is my First Play Review with the bug :-)

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Thank you, hope I can improve my score ๐Ÿ˜€


Amazing game! Congrats!!!

Thanks very much. Glad you enjoyed it.


Good game !

Thanks mate


Cool fun. Got some gameplay up here!


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Brilliant, thank you for this - this is my tibute.  Welcome to use anyway you want.

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Nice game!

Thanks mate, and thanks for doing the video. Is it fine to use the video on this page?


Yes, of course - you can :). Thx!

Thanks mate

I am going to keep on refreshing until this is available. :)
Looking forward to this one - I do like these Lode Runner sized graphics to give huge play areas.

Cool! I hope you enjoy it. It'll probably be up this weekend.

Brilliant - looking forward to it. :)


Read an interview with John Davies in issue 251 of Retro Gamer, out at the end of September

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